Transforming Into The Void

The Advantages of Shattering Self-Concepts

Becoming no one to achieve the divine blueprint

The power of a blank piece of paper holds the potential to change the world. There is no more potent instrument that humanity has created that encapsulates the essence of the human spirit. The resemblance between the two is genuinely striking. As the paper becomes alive and meaningful through its words and content, it shapes the reader and the world around it with its encapsulated ideas. So does the human spirit as it adorns itself with the identifications of the Ego. Yet, there comes a stage in every Soul's development where the entrapment generated by the identity becomes too small and too narrow, and cracks begin to form as the unfulfilled divine destiny pulls at the very fabric of the essence of the individual. This stage has immense potential, where the self-concept is shattered, and the individual can embark on self-discovery and personal growth. Lessons steer us toward the realization that there must be more to our lives than the simple material aspects, titles, and roles we play with one another.

The beauty is that, unlike paper, which once written upon is hard to erase, the human condition boasts the superpower of the Spiritual Realm as an overlay. This can swiftly create a new being within the self if one steps aside and spawns the conditions to see this metamorphosis through. In a process comparable to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, the Spirit within the human body can embrace its genuine identity, a blank slate for the Divine to manifest into this world. When we empty ourselves of our personalities, we can tap into the condition called “flow.” Most of humanity's masterpieces, scientific discoveries, and intellectual realizations have been conceived within this state of conscious awareness. Through emptying ourselves, we finally give way to the creation of our true purpose within our lives. Pursuing simplicity and detachment, we arrive at our true destiny within the totality of a spectrum of possibilities. There is no right or wrong in this masterfully woven tapestry of life. Ultimately, the illusion allows us to experience what we understand as “free will.”For the vast majority, this mirror through which we exert our egos into the forceful creation of our identities will be the only state of being they know for many lifetimes.

Yet the purpose of this passage is to open the possibility to a completely different means of existence, one in which we learn how to co-create with the Divine within us. In this communion with our Heavenly Father, we mature in our spirituality and realize that there must be a greater purpose for us to walk this earth than simply to play like little children in our small sandboxes. An ordinary life is understandably well-lived, but how many of you reading this have attained everything you once wanted? How many of you have delved deep into the core of your Being and are exceptionally proud of who you have become? I am sure many have had an extraordinary life and achieved remarkable accomplishments. But I am also confident that no human can attain perfection in its entirety unless there is a perfection that is solely attainable by communion with the Spirit and allowing it to reshape us into what our Divine Self was always meant to become in the present lifetime.

We may commence this transformative journey by surrendering our egos, accepting ourselves, and loving our Heavenly Father unconditionally. But one must first clean the house to get to the incomprehensible destiny that awaits. We all carry several skeletons deep inside the closet of our Being. We must stop and take account of the unseen aspects of ourselves that are not in unity with our existence's intended purpose. There is no shortlist for me to pinpoint, as the list is as long and diverse as every human's ability to exert free will. But don’t worry; your innate compass deep within you will point the way for you to start shedding the aspects of your identity that no longer serve you. I have undergone several of these mutations over the past few decades ever more rapidly as each growth cycle accelerates, and my Being becomes more congruent with the Divine Blueprint for my Soul and its journey. 

Many questions may arise from these points, but the most straightforward answers are always the best. Just let go; you do not need to know all the answers; let life happen for you instead of trying to will it into existence. The beauty of magic is not in understanding how the trick works. The beauty of Divine Manifestation is that there is absolutely nothing impossible for God, and it has been known since the beginning of time what choices are available for us to make and which ones we will eventually choose that will lead us to our destinies. For us, time occurs linearly, but the Ethereal exists inter-dimensionally outside the time-space constraints of our bodies. Although quantum mechanics approaches some aspects of how the observer can alter matter, it doesn’t even scratch the surface of what matter is and how consciousness and the Divine can interact with it. But I tell you through my gnostic experiences that the Divine Spark within each one of us contains the totality of the Being within it and that the whole universe bows at its presence once activated.

So, instead of wandering through life, placing deadlines, targets, goals, and achievements, I invite you to explore a paradigm shift. It is one in which you surrender all your doings to become your real Being instead. In this new way, you will engage with the day-to-day affairs of life and work. Still, rather than being solely responsible for the performance, you become the observer who is called to the stage to perform everything as an act of unconditional love from your heart, detaching from the outcome. In this new way of co-creating, you enlist the hidden powers within your Being that take you to a new level of mastery. The result will likely be 100 times better than anything you imagined or prayed for. 

In the end, it's time you realize that our Heavenly Father loves us unconditionally, and once we allow Him to take control of our lives, everything improves. Become like a blank piece of paper and let the Holy Spirit be the Sacred Scribe that inscribes your destiny within you - a destiny that your Ego is incapable of even beginning to understand, let alone decipher how to achieve.

What have you been struggling with lately? Release it, let it go. Simply look up to the heavens and say: "Father, I know I haven’t heard from you in a while; sorry for being so tuned into my little sandbox. What would you have me do with this matter? I surrender it to you; please take care of it and guide me to the highest possible outcome for my Being. Thank you."

Be Blessed


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