The Art of Being

What is there to do, to be, to have?

The Art of Being

What is there to do, to be, to have?
Where does the power of the being reside?
If that which you already are is perfect and complete and a part of you, Why strive to achieve something else?
Is there any solace in the outcome?
Or is the journey of discovery the art of creation that which we are after?

Questions unanswered become the beacon home.

Where is home?
Is that a place or a feeling?
Are we inside ourselves or outside looking in?
What is the true nature of reality if it is perceived by the filter of our assumptions and the color of our interpretations?
Who is the true observer within the center of our being?

Who am I? What am I? What am I here to accomplish? Am I different?
Am I missing something?
Am I capable of accepting myself? Am I all that I can be?

Am I being enough?

I am that I am..…
I am nothing, yet in that emptiness, I discover the perfection in my imperfections.
I am everything and everyone in that which we share the same.
The same heart, illusions, and aspirations
The same seeking after that empty, missing piece within our core, which we seek to fill from the outside... Only discovering that in that vastness of emptiness within us is the Spark of creation itself.
The Light that self-ignites to quench all the darkness...
Once I bid in this Light, I can see my true self, perfect and complete from the beginning of time..
Once I become that which I already am, I am free from the illusions, free from the seeking, free from the mortality of my fragile self to be One with my Higher Self..
I remembered why I came here to be.
I remembered who I have always and forever truly am.

I see you
I feel you I am you...
Just Be...LOVE

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