Loosing is Actually Winning

Is winning really about achieving something we aim for?

When you let go of people and things, you make room            

All our lives, we think that winning is about achieving something we aim for or don't have, but today, I want to share with you that the greatest realization and blessing we can have in life is the opposite of what we are taught from childhood.

Losing is actually winning. Although the pain that arises from the dichotomy between desired expectations and obtained circumstances, those who are in a way "blessed" by life to continuously fail, lose, or even flounder completely, emotionally, and economically have the power to realize and understand the deeper meaning of the aforementioned. Losing is truly winning and a blessing.

When life takes us on paths different from those we set out on, it forces us to reevaluate both the ideas of who we believe we are and what we think we should be. From childhood, we are forced and indoctrinated to live under certain criteria and parameters that mark a fictitious initial course that is socially acceptable and seems aspirational from the start. But the reality is that maturity is reached the more one errs and fails to adjust existence to those expectations. 95% of people conform to accepting these social and existential structures, adapting to live a so-called standard life with lesser or greater degrees of sacrifices and achievements. Nothing wrong with this, but the remaining 5% never find solace in living in such a way.

Those who achieve moderate and gigantic professional and economic successes are considered heroes. Those who do not achieve this are relegated as failures and forgotten. But today, I tell you that although it apparently seems that my reality is the latter, I want to leave you with the knowledge that there is only peace in my soul, that I am a witness of a living God, that the Holy Spirit has manifested itself around and in front of me three times just as God himself showed his presence visually and audibly to prepare me and give me the Faith and conviction that what He has prepared for me is 100 times better than any of my failures and that He will give me my place on this earth.

For this, I must stop trying to control my destiny and finally accept, surrender, and trust that everything will be for the better. Therefore, with all the blows and failures over 28 years of suffering and sacrifice, today, on my 52nd birthday, I publicly declare that I am one of the most successful souls to have walked this earth. I have surpassed all expectations and trials that have led me to learn the true purpose of life, to answer who and what we truly are, and the reality we come to learn, which is to love everyone and, above all, ourselves unconditionally while finding that at the center of our Being is the Temple of the Divine Spirit.

None of these conquests, which cannot be measured at first glance, could have materialized in me if I had not learned that Losing is Actually Winning... When one loses something, one realizes, among several things, how valuable or not that something was; if one has the opportunity to recover it, whether materially or emotionally, one does what is necessary to make it so. Otherwise, one takes stock and lets it go, knowing it was one of the many lessons that life brought for our emotional and spiritual development.

Detachment is the greatest blessing someone can achieve in a lifetime. When one detaches from the identity one tries to show or achieve, one opens the door for reality itself to guide us to the manifestation of our true human potential, leaving behind all social and mental pre-conditioning. This leads to finding unconventional methods of existence and truths hidden in plain sight.

In my life, I have interacted with many people of unimaginable economic levels capable of moving a finger and fulfilling any perversion or dream in a matter of minutes, and so far, I have not met one who was happy with themselves or felt fulfilled internally. It is in the loss of everything we cling to that we finally see that our value is not tied to externalities of our being but is a Divine right innate to us that we come to experience in this simulation called Life. We are all Divine beings having a three-dimensional experience with amnesia that forces us to think that the tangible is the only true reality when behind these dimensions, there are even higher superimposed ones that govern them and indirectly us.

Therefore, today, I tell you that those who truly learn that losing is actually winning and that all those who rob, take away, or reject us are actually doing us the greatest favor possible. They are allowing us to cultivate ourselves in ways I have no words to describe. They help us to become truly indestructible, to achieve a peace so absolute it's like being completely naked in the street without any fear. Knowing we are Children of God and that we have a mission ahead far greater than any of our human dreams. It returns us to our natural essence, which is truly indestructible even by death itself. Beyond what our minds can comprehend, there exists a liberation and happiness that manifests within us when we free ourselves from all material and aspirational attachments, allowing us to experience what remains of our lives from a perspective of total and true freedom. Freedom to decide where, how, and with whom to live without mental preconditions of what is or isn't acceptable.

A free being is able to manifest from his true nature since we resonate with our interdimensional essence, which we call "Soul," without having a complete vision of what it really is. But just as the law of gravity causes a body to fall if released in space towards the Earth, and even more than 337 years after Isaac Newton mathematically published the observations of this, no one truly knows why and how nor the interrelation that ties it with space and time. We accept it as true within known parameters, but it is not the absolute Truth; it is just an interpretation that makes sense to the perception of reality. In the same way, there are forces that shape us and lead us through unknown paths outside of known parameters.

It is for all this and even more that I can briefly share today; I want to convey these words to all of you, the most valuable beings God has given me in this life. So that you may have the same peace in your hearts that I carry and understand how grateful I am to all of you for being in my life. Expect the unexpected from now on as a normal condition in my existence because, from today, I have made the resolution to affirm my Divine right to be Free from all impositions and preconditions and, most importantly, to let my soul manifest from now on and not my Ego. From now on, our Father is in control of my destiny; it is my intention to pursue not the material but the experiences that the material provides me. To live each day with total detachment from outcomes or conventional ideals. It is my desire for what remains of my life to let everything flow and let the most outlandish dreams manifest if they are meant for me.

Therefore, today, I toast with all of you for the greatest gift God gave me, which is the Freedom of myself and the courage to manifest it. Let these painfully learned lessons be my gift to you so you may also dare to express the true greatness you are aware of within you.

Love unconditionally,

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