Journey to Self Discovering the Ultimate Truth

Who we are in the eyes of others?

Journey to Self Discovering the Ultimate Truth

Although you do not know me, I feel as though I know you simply because I see a reflection of myself in you. Let me assure you that there is no judgment on my part in any of the words I write here. I am merely sharing my soul with you, heart to heart, as I've recognized many aspects of myself.

You probably think it's crazy for me to write this letter—and yes, perhaps it is a little—but there are no worries here. I am just being true to myself and to who I am in Spirit. When I see a courageous soul making its way into its Divine, Rightful Presence in this 3D world, my integrity compels me to show up and be of service.

First, allow me to commend your courage in seeking the ultimate truth by exploring who you truly are within yourself and feeling the call to continue your journey. But it seems we all are struggling with one final lesson in understanding one of the three pillars of life's existence on Earth. Let me offer you a different perspective to help set yourself free.

The first and second lessons are two sides of the same coin for many reasons, as we fundamentally are all One. Unconditional love for yourself is the same as unconditional love for others. What you resist and dislike in others is that which you cannot accept or forgive in yourself. The issues you experience in interactions with coworkers or close family members reflect this last lesson.

Once you recognize that everyone carries their childhood wounds, burdens, and challenges, failing to release and accept everything as it is in each soul's journey, your Ego begins to dictate how things should be. In this dichotomy between what seems to be (which is never the full truth) and what is happening, as well as the conflict between your aspirations, pain takes root. Stop judging everything, including yourself.

Conflict cannot exist unless you give emphasis to duality through judgment. The ultimate truth is that life is a 3D simulation where every circumstance is perfectly crafted for the benefit of our Spiritual Growth.

Nothing else matters; eternal gratitude for even the toughest lessons and injustices is the key to manifesting unconditional love—for those who wrong us and, most importantly, for ourselves. There is no other way to free yourself back to your natural state of Being Divine, which allows everyone to simply exist without judgment.

Look at your parents, regardless of whether you feel love or disdain for them, as emotionally wounded six- or seven-year-olds who were also hurt by their parents. The pain they cause you or your siblings is the same pain they experienced growing up and have not yet managed to acknowledge and heal.

We, the Light Workers—courageous souls who agreed to come to Earth and manifest our Father’s Heaven through us as portals of Love—are challenged to heal up to seven generations of prior karma by sharing unconditional love and empathy.

I understand it is a daunting task, especially as your amnesia does not let you recall this agreement. But remember, nothing is by mere consequence; everything is by design.

You chose to attend the Earth School and embark on this Soul Experience. You selected your parents and your lessons, so STOP complaining about the curriculum and start LOVING every moment of it.

Allow yourself to be free of all preconceived notions and imposed social constraints. Stop worrying about who you must be or think you are and start simply being. You are already complete and perfect, even your imperfections exist by Divine Agreement and Design since the beginning of time. No amount of tools or sacred medicine will bring this awareness unless you allow yourself to be free. Every time you place expectations upon reality and others, you bind yourself and them to your Ego. Stop trying to steer the course of your life and instead, take the passenger seat, allowing the Spirit to guide you.

I love you as I love myself, unconditionally. I welcome you to our home for as long as you need to find the ultimate truth of who you are.

Be Blessed,


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About SAVI

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SAVI is a spiritual explorer and author of "The Journey Begins Within," where he chronicles his profound adventures through the realms of consciousness and the metaphysical. A dreamer by choice, SAVI has lived an extraordinary life marked by an unwavering quest for the ultimate truth. His path, defined by integrity, high ideals, and a stubborn refusal to conform to societal expectations, has led him through enlightening discoveries and humbling dead ends.

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